Viacom Global Supply Chain

Enterprise Platforms


In 2015–16, I helped Viacom upgrade a series of internal platforms aimed at improving their global supply chain of digital and physical video masters



The challenge: While most of Viacom embraced advancements in tech and software solutions, their internal enterprise-grade global supply chain software remained slow, inconsistent, and complex. Viacom recognized the need to re-think their entire GSC.

The objective: Sunset old platforms; replace with a modern suite that empowers the Viacom workforce.

The solution: A new suite covering 5 areas of Viacom’s supply chain:

  • Viacom Video Master Delivery

  • Viacom Data Quality Checker

  • Viacom Clip Creator

  • Viacom Show Scheduler

  • Viacom Article Producer


The result:

Five aging platforms were depreciated and replaced with the new GSC product suite.

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My responsibilities were to audit the existing platforms, to research employee and stakeholder requirements, and to create new and improved workflows and designs.

You can see a selection of this work, below:



1 - Viacom Video Master Delivery

I created the overarching user experience for how Viacom uploads, tracks and delivers digital (and physical) video masters around the United States.


In-depth audit of existing tools and workflows

Users and stakeholders interview

One of a handful of user personas

Task-flows (one per-persona)

Review of new workflows

User testing of the prototype


New video master submission

Video master upload in progress

Create new video segment

View delivery history

User testing with Viacom employees


2 - Viacom Data Quality Checker

Once master videos were ingested into the Video Master Delivery system, I then created the UX for ensuring that those same videos were then tagged with appropriate, high-quality metadata to ensure the content was made easily accessible for search.


Most work for this project was done in close collaboration with Viacom’s Product Owner

To do list

Task health - view 1

Deduplicate record 2

Deduplicate record 1

Task health - view 2

Individual record

3 - Viacom Clip Creator

I created the experience for how to create (and schedule) video clips from the video masters

Clip Creator task flow

Global dashboard for producing video clips

Show overview

Video details

Video clip scheduling

Video clip editing and annotations


4 - Viacom Show Scheduler

I created the experience for scheduling the distribution of video on-demand (VOD) and download to own (DTO) content across Viacom’s channels and external publisher and distributor partners such as Amazon Prime, Google Play, Netflix and Apple iTunes.


Show Scheduler task flow

Global dashboard for scheduling shows

Scheduling a show

Setting parameters for “download to own” shows

Adding image content to a Netflix-distributed show

Review and publish show settings


5 - Viacom Article Producer

I created the experience for producing articles that, alongside the above video content, were to be published across Viacom’s network of digital channels – including


Article Producer task flow

Global dashboard for producing articles

Article overview

Article details

Article editor

Article image - crop tool

Article publishing - scheduler

Mobile variation 1

Mobile variation 2


The result

Just because it’s enterprise software, doesn’t mean it has to conform to a bad UX!

A handful of out-dated platforms were successfully depreciated in favour of the new video delivery product suite I'd helped to create. Read more about Designing Enterprise Technology with a Human Focus in my article on How Design.


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