Google Chrome For Work

B2B Marketing Platform


In 2017, I led the UX for the redesign of the Chrome for Work enterprise marketing platform



The challenge: The Chrome for Work value proposition was being lost upon the intended audience, primarily because the “product vs. platform” narrative was being told in a way that didn’t supported business-centric use cases or Chrome ecosystem validation.

The objective: Increase traffic to the online store by improving top-of-funnel content and journeying through a new marketing platform.

The solution: A platform that allows for an increasingly solution-focused approach to selling the Chrome OS software and Google Chrome enterprise hardware.


The result:

An increase in sales outreach and in referral traffic to the Chrome for Work store from the new marketing site.




Chrome for Work followed a strong user research methodology, including audit work, a round of stakeholder and audience interviews, and card-sorting findings and themes:


Research approach

A round of stakeholder and end-user remote interviews


Research themes - digitized for presentation

Card sorting research themes




Audit approach

Review of existing Chrome for Work properties

Review of competitor landscape


Synthesized insights

Findings were then codified under each theme. These insights, including supporting verbatim quotes and recommendations per-insight, were used for stakeholder alignment.


Insights example 1

Insights example 2

Insights example 3


Initial information architecture: new site structure

Laan workshopping to determine the first-pass sitemap and content structure that supports both the project objectives (increase traffic to the online store) as well as well as our user needs (the output from the above research).


The Chrome for Work war-room space

Whiteboarding the new IA

The new sitemap and content structure


Testing the IA

A total of 4 options (representing a partial cut of the IA) was tested using a standard tree test (reverse card sorting) with our end-users:


Option 1 of 4

Option 2 of 4

Set of tasks for the tree test

Results of the tree test



In the interest of remaining lean and collaborative, lower-level IA and design work was predominantly produced on the whitewalls.


New detailed IA and new wireframes on the The Chrome for Work whitewall

Final designs


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