2016 - 2018 professional work

I've worked on a number of fantastic products and platforms over the past couple of years.


However, no matter how much I'd love to show these off, many are covered by strict NDAs, are internally-facing and/or involves data that is sensitive to my clients.

While this means I'm unable to publish case studies in full, you can find a high-level sample of my most recent work, below.

Please contact me for more information. I'd be happy to chat through what some of these projects entailed.


2016-18 sample of work

  1. The redesign of a $7.8 billion FTSE 100 food brand's consumer-facing product (iOS and Android)
    • Objective: Modernize the UX and UI of a food ordering product — without jeopardizing order numbers
    • My Role: Audit existing product UI; integrate GVs Design Sprints; ensure new product UI tests positively prior to production
    • The Result: As of April 2018, the project is ongoing - but things are looking great!
  2. The UX design of a complex data viz/dashboard product for one of the world's most exciting tech companies
    • Objective: Leverage insights from the new dashboard to reduce code across the organization by sunsetting old websites
    • My Role: Collect goals and objectives; wireframe and test prototypes with end-users; design product UIs 
    • The Result: The largest deprecation of code across the company in years... hitting the primary KPI
  3. The redesign of enterprise and education-focused marketing web platforms for a multi-billion dollar tech-sector company
    1. Objective: Improve look and feel of the marketing platform; increase numbers of referral traffic to its online store 
    2. My Role: Lead the information architecture; wireframe concepts; test prototypes; lead the overall design of the UI
    3. The Result: A distinct increase in referral traffic to the store from the marketing site (and an increase in transactions)
  4. A new "Video delivery" workflow and platform redesign for one of America's largest multinational media companies
    • Objective: Deprecate old platforms; improve the end-to-end workflow by means of new product workflows and UIs
    • My Role: Lead user interviews, audited existing platforms; created and tested prototypes; designed new product UIs
    • The Result: Out-of-date platforms were depreciated in favour of the new video delivery product suite I'd designed
  5. Conducting innovation workshops for a U.S. business-focused, international daily newspaper
    1. Objective: Use Design Thinking to solve a complex problem around the future of digital advertising
    2. My Role: Curated and facilitated innovation and ideation workshops with key client stakeholders from across the business 
    3. The Result: A brand-new product was commissioned to be designed and built as a direct result of the innovation workshop